Triathlon NB Youth & Junior Team

If you are between the ages of 14 and 19 as of December 31st and are interested in training and competing in triathlons, join the Triathlon NB Junior Team. Athletes do not need prior triathlon experience, just a desire to learn more about the sport in a fun supportive environment. The junior team trains and attends clinics during the winter months in preparation for competitions in the summer.

Junior and Youth can race the following distances:

Try-a-tri / Youth race
500m swim / 10km cycle / 4km run 14 – 15 years of age (as of Dec 31 in the year of the event)

Sprint Triathlon (Juniors)
50m swim / 20km cycle / 5km run 16 years of age (as of Dec 31 in the year of the event)

Sprint Duathlon
5km run / 20km cycle / 2.5km run 16 years of age (as of Dec 31 in the year of the event)

Olympic Distance Triathlon
1500m swim / 40km cycle / 10km run 18 years of age (as of Dec 31 in the year of the event)

Olympic Distance Duathlon
10km run / 40km cycle / 5km run 18 years of age as of Dec 31 in the year of the event

Half Distance
1.9 km swim /90 km cycle / 21 km run 18 years of age (as of Dec 31 in the year of the event)

For more information about the TriNB Youth and Junior team contact TriNB Junior Team Manager.

Junior Development Committee

What the Junior Development Committee (JDC) will be doing in a nutshell:

The JDC is part of Triathlon New Brunswick and is responsible for overseeing 3 general areas:

1. KOS Initiative (age 5-13) - I have been working on this program for just over a year now. The goal is to get KOS programs into schools, community and recreation centers, to generate awareness in communities, to establish KOS leaders in communities, and most importantly - to use KOS as a tool to engage youth and get them interested in sport and activity. 

2. Junior Development (age 14-23) - This program deals with Tri NB's provincial high performance team (developmental or elite). I have been working on building this program since 2009. Last year saw the implementation of a new race series (juniors 14-15) in all the provincial races that could support it. This race series needs more attention this year, along with the Junior 16-23 age group racing. This part of the committee is concerned with attracting youth, high performance training, elite level racing, team management, traveling to elite level races outside the province, Canada Games Team, provincial junior race series, attracting sponsors, etc......

3. Atlantic Championship Elite Race (Juniors and Senior Racing) - work in progress

Triathlon New Brunswick’s - Junior Development Committee

Hey guys and girls. I am putting together a junior development committee and I have selected a number of individuals who could bring specific skills, experiences and personalities. I am asking you for your help (so you can say yes or no, as this will be volunteer work with some expense paid) to create a strong working group which will promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity in children, to help youth learn about and participate in leadership type roles, and to give youth the focus and support to prepare them to become an elite athlete (or recreational), and get them to National level races (Canada Games and World Championships as well). 

The last year I have been thinking of a way to take this initiative in a new direction to help grow the participation of children in KOS and youth in junior triathlons. In the past (2 years) I have been trying to get youth (in the province) to come out and do a race by contacting schools, sport teams, emailing lists, etc.... (the list goes on). I have had limited success by doing it this way. This year (or last summer) I have come up with a new strategy, and have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, to launch this strategy. ----------------------------------I am calling it the KOS initiative

What’s difference with this strategy is that instead of going after individuals to come and do a race, I am trying to create an awareness of children/youth and their health (especially here in NB) and how KOS can be a very easy tool to use to get kids interested (and possibly excited) about doing physical activity. I want to put Triathlon NB on the map as an organization that is going to get kids active and having fun through the KOS program. 

To highlight a few things I have done so far:

  • I have been in touch with the schools in the province (did a small presentation to all the phys-ed instructors in the province at a meeting in Fredericton before Christmas), and have another presentation in Mirimachi in March (at provincial meeting)
  • I have discussed the initiative with the province of NB (Wellness and Sport rep) over a couple meetings, and he is very interested in helping. Have another meeting coming up soon.
  • I have proposed the idea to some rec/community centers to host summer KOS camps, and getting a lot of positive feedback from this.
  • I have created an 8 week KOS training template so that any organization who wants to put on a summer camp or winter camp can see exactly what to do, without having to be a coach
  • I am trying to create a youth leadership program so that youth can help lead the camps, and at the same time be on the junior development Tri team.
  • Tri NB has a community coaching course, that we are encouraging people to take, and we (Tri NB) is subsidizing it. This will help to create leaders in communities to grow the development of KOS camps, clubs and races. 

There are a number of other things that have been done, and need to do from marketing to administration to coaching and funding development. I have only really touched on a small percentage of what is actually happening. For example, I haven’t even touched on the Junior Triathlon team (developmental and high performance), which is its own entity. 

Due to the new direction and where I want to take the KOS Initiative (as an awareness campaign to educate the public on the health of our children, and to use KOS as a toll to address this, sparking interest in KOS camps, clubs, and racing, which will create a feeding program to the Junior Development program), I need help to get this to the next level, and continue the momentum I have started. 

If you are interested in helping out in any way with this initiative, let me know as soon as possible. Even if you can only do one or two small tasks a year, it would be a big help. 

Thank you, 
Jon Tracy, MSc.
Junior Development & KOS Coordinator
Provincial Coach & Exercise Physiologist
(506) 216-0993 h
(506) 650-0247 c

Jon Tracy - Head Coach

Althea Arseneault - Team Manager